David Salazar X

Feeling Better Than Ever


“After working with my coach, I recognized how important is for me to maintain a good diet adapted to my exercise routines so I do not lose weight. Knowing how to eat on time and properly, allowed me to progress and progress in my exercise routines, gain weight and my muscle mass “


David S
Motion Fitness Instructor
Entrepreneur – HLC

Stronger and Energized


“I have learned the importance of control and balance. The plans have given me the necessary tools to keep the positive changes I see every day in my body. ”     

Karina I
Interactive Media
Entrepreneur – Kibarra.com

I am Feeling Graceful and Blessed


“I feel super good, and I am delighted to be able to have Coach Miranda with me and learn how to improve my life activities choices to become healthier and enjoy myself, my family, and friends. Now, I know how to eat, when to eat and how much I should eat with no need for a special diet.”


Graciela S
Decoraciones Salazar

I did it! I lost 37 pounds.


” I have been working to place my life and health back in shape. With dedication, discipline, and an excellent mentor like Yomaira Miranda anyone can achieve anything they proposed. I changed my sedentary routine, eat upon my schedule, cooking more, and I am so happy now enjoying my life.”

Alba C
Cosmetologist – Hair Stylist

We are  Ready to go: More confidence than ever!


“Thanks Coach Miranda for helping me to build and manage my business portfolio effectively, showing all element of my industry, my niche market, my abilities, and my success. Today, I understand my role of business owner and connect my skills, knowledge, my passion and what I am doing every single day with it.

Kibarra Digital