Yomaira Miranda
Nutritionist Dietitian,
Health Educator,
Lifestyle coach
Business Consultant.

I love guiding towards a healthier lifestyle with a focus on being practical, simple, and enjoyable.

My mission is to help you identify and modify the habits that are a risk to your health and overall wellness, promoting protective factors that will add health, productivity, and personal growth to your life.


  • I enjoy traveling, visiting new places and eat their local cuisine.
  • I adore listening music, guitar and love my TFJ
  • I like dancing
  • I easily adapt to other cultures


‘1  Graduated from University
Nutritionist Dietitian at the Javeriana University, Bogotá, Colombia.
‘2    Specialization
Specialization in Marketing at the Universidad de la Salle
‘3    Master

Master of Business Administration, Webster University.

‘4    Certifications
Diploma and certifications: Sport & Exercise Nutrition; Breastfeeding Educator; Health Educator; Integral Wellbeing; and First Aid


I have more than 25 years of experience in the areas of Health Promotion, Nutrition Program Development and Data Analytics,  Public Health, Social Marketing, Business development, and providing technical support to the development and implementation of Food, Health and Nutrition Information Systems.

I am currently working with individuals who want to live healthier, improve their diet and enjoy a better quality of life in the US, Mexico, Ibero-America and the Caribbean.